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About GFOA

When the Government Finance Officers Association was formed in 1979, the Association was essentially a single mandate committee that existed mainly for the purpose of coordinating an annual conference for the benefit of the province's municipal finance employees.

However, a much greater role for the GFOA was realized beginning in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Effective leadership and new initiatives resulted in unprecedented membership growth. Since that time, new ideas and strategic thinking have continued to move the organization forward. The last eight years, in particular, have witnessed great strides for our organization. We are especially proud of our annual conferences and the training opportunities, which offer our members a wealth of opportunity for networking and professional development.

Today our organization boasts over 900 members and serves a pivotal role in ensuring the financial well being of local government in our province. The growth and vitality that we have realized, especially in recent years, bears witness to the ever-increasing value of our products and services. As the Board of Directors, our first order of business is to focus this growing momentum in a direction that will lead to future sustainability and expansion.

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The Alberta Government Finance Officers Association is a professional organization whose purpose is to enhance the practice of governmental finance in the Province of Alberta. Our objectives include:

Our Association is affiliated with the International Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and maintains contact with its staff to promote training opportunities and participation in annual international GFOA conferences.

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Strategic Plan 2016-2021
Board of Directors Terms of Reference


Communications Task Force 2019 Terms of Reference
Emerging Issues Task Force 2019 Terms of Reference
Professional Development Task Force 2019 Terms of Reference


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Policy 004: Member Assistance Program
Policy 005: Criteria for Selection of Board of Directors
Policy 003: Newsletter & Special Release Bulletin Circulation
Policy 008: Recognition
Policy 007: Retiring Members Recognition
Policy 001: Travel & Expense
Policy 010: Budget
Policy 011: Sponsorship
Policy 006: Criteria for Annual Conference
Policy 002: Membership Fees

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